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Lecture on "Recent Advances in Artificial Intelligence, Robotics & Entrepreneurial Opportunities"

Dear Colleagues, 
You are invited by UIET, CSDE and SPSTI on the occasion of Lecture as per below: 

Topic: Recent Advances in Artificial Intelligence, Robotics & Entrepreneurial Opportunities 
Speaker: Siddharth Sood 
Date and Time: October 24 (Monday), 2016 at 11:00 AM 
Venue: Seminar Hall, First Floor, Academic Block # 1, UIET, Panjab 
University, Sector 25 Campus, Chandigarh. 

Abstract: Recent Advances in AI, Robotics & Entrepreneurial Opportunities The talk will apprise the audience to the recent advances in AI & Robotics in 
particular, to a specialized and upcoming field within machine learning i.e. Deep Learning.  The talk will begin with some of the recent developments and 
applications in this domain as well as share some personal real life instances as a use  case. Hereafter, the presentation will take a tangent and talk about robotics and a technique for intelligent vehicle navigation aka SLAM (Simultaneous Localization & Mapping). Allude to the importance and the need for autonomous vehicles and finally, discuss a possible convergence of both Deep Learning and SLAM.  Finally, the lecture will be concluded with a short brief on entrepreneurs and entrepreneurship arising from R&D disciplines. 
Profile of Sidharth Sood is attached. Please attend the lecture and extend this invitation to your students and colleagues. 

Thanks and Warm Regards 
Harish Kumar 

Click here to view: Lecture on "Recent Advances in Artificial Intelligence, Robotics & Entrepreneurial Opportunities"

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